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Teenie Beanies

Ty Teenie Beanie Promotions at McDonald's: 1997 to 2000

Here are descriptions of past promotions Ty has had with McDonald's:

2000 Japan Teenie Beanie Promotion
Began October 26, 2000
October 26, 2000 was the kick-off day for the first Teenie Beanie promotion in Japan. The “Happy Set” promotion includes 8 of the 16 Teenie Beanies that were included in the U.S. promotion in June. The Teenie Beanies were Bumble, Flip, Flitter, Lips, Lucky, Neon, Schweetheart and Slither.  .

2000 U.S. American Trio Teenie Beanie Promotion
October 25th - November 9th
McDonalds sold three different election themed Teenie Beanies with any regularly priced menu item for $2.49. The Teenie Beanies were Libearty the bear, Lefty the donkey and Righty the elephant. This promotion overlapped with the Crazy Bones Happy Meal promotion.

2000 U.S. Teenie Beanie Promotion
June 13th - June 30th
The 2000 Teenie Beanie Promotion was "Super-Sized!"  With 29 different Beanie Babies to collect, it certainly kept collectors busy last summer!  The promotion kicked off with a special Ronald McDonald House Promotional bear, Millennium, on June 13th.  There were sixteen "Happy Meal" Teenie Beanies, 10 Teenie Superstars, and 2 "top-secret" Teenie Beanies.  The Teenie Superstars came in special packaging and were available for purchase with a regularly priced menu item. Here is the schedule of when the Teenie Superstars were available.

Dinosaur Trio began Tuesday, June 13th
Rex, Steg and Bronty
International Bears began Tuesday, June 20th
Osito, Germania, Spangle
Legends began Tuesday, June 27th
Peanut, Chilly, Humphrey
The End only available on June 30th.
The End bear

1999 U.S. Teenie Beanie Promotion
May 21,1998  to June 3, 1999
One of twelve Teenie Beanies were included with a Happy Meal purchase.   The Teenie Beanies were Freckles, Antsy (Ants), Smoochy, Spunky, Rocket, Iggy, Strut, Nuts, Claude, Stretch, Nook (Nanook) and Chip.

June 4 to June 18, 1999
McDonald’s offered four Ty Teenie Beanie Babies International Bears  for a suggested retail of $2.49 each with the purchase of any regularly priced menu item. The four International Bears were Glory, Erin, Maple, and Britannia.  These bears are smaller than Beanie Babies but bigger than Teenie Beanies.

Owners of McDonalds were able to purchase Promotional Merchandise that included a Baseball Cap, Polo Shirt, Happy Meal T-Shirt, International Bears T-Shirt, Keychain, Set of 12 Lapel Pins, Crew Lapel Pin, and Set of 4 International Bears Lapel Pins!!

1999 Teenie Beanie U.K. Promotion
First Teenie Beanie Promotion in the U.K.
April 21, 1999
One of twelve Teenie Beanies was included with a Happy Meal purchase.  The Teenie Beanies were  Mel, Peanut, Pinchers, Bongo, Zip, Inch, Waddle, Scoop, Doby, Percival (Happy), Twigs and Bones.

1998 Teenie Beanie Promotion
May 22, 1998 to June 18, 1998
One of twelve Teenie Beanies were included with a Happy Meal purchase.  The Teenie Beanies were Doby, Bongo, Twigs, Inch, Pinchers, Happy, Mel, Scoop, Bones, Zip, Waddle and Peanut.

1998 Teenie Beanie Club House Song
(Sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Teenie beanie baby fun
For my sister, day & mum
On their shoulders, on my head,
in their pockets, on my bed. 
Teenie beanie baby fun. 
Beanie fun for everyone!"

1997 Teenie Beanie Promotion 
April 11,1997 to May 15,1997
One of ten Teenie Beanies included with a Happy Meal purchase.  The Teenie Beanies were Snort, Quacks (Quackers), Goldie, Pinky, Chops, Lizz (Lizzy), Chocolate, Patti, Seamore and Speedy.

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